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Hand Carved Clear Quartz Crystal Skull, Mexican Sugar Skull / Calavera Style, 440 Grams, Charged with Reiki and Sustainably Mined in Brazil

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This exquisitely carved and polished Clear Quartz Crystal Skull was hand crafted in Bahia Brazil, from some of the finest quality Clear Quartz mined sustainably in Bahia. Sustainable mining means that the mines are re-filled with earth when they’ve been fully harvested, so as not to disrupt the surrounding ecosystem. This crystal skull has been carved in the style of Calaveras, traditional Mexican Sugar Skulls made in celebration of Día de los Muertos, Day of the Dead. In the sunlight the skull’s internal fissures create beautiful dancing rainbow effects. This skull weighs 440 grams.

Key Words: Programmability, Amplification of Intention, Magnification of Ambient Energies, Energetic Clearing and Cleansing, Healing, Memory Enhancement
Element: Storm ⛈
Chakras: All

Quartz is one of the most powerful, and the most essential, of all crystals. It is the most powerful energy amplifier that exists due to its helical spiral crystalline structure. Clear Quartz absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy. It promotes positivity, transmuting negative energy into positive energy. It also amplifies ambient energies in its vicinity, including the energies of crystals and of other living organisms. This makes Clear Quartz a great stone for energizing the mind and body when feeling sleepy.

Clear Quartz promotes wisdom and feelings of connection with the universe, as well as being an enhancer of one’s intuition and connection to the higher self. It acts as a deep soul cleanser, cleansing and enhancing the organs and subtle bodies, stimulating the immune system, and connecting the physical dimension with the mind. Because it is clear, and contains all the colors of the rainbow, it is an excellent stone for harmonizing all of the Chakras and aligning the subtle bodies.

Clear Quartz is very useful during meditation practice, as it raises one’s energetic vibration to the highest possible level and sharpens the mind’s focus. It is a powerful stone of manifestation, enhancing psychic abilities, and healing, especially when used in conjunction with other crystals, amplifying their effect.

This listing is for one Clear Quartz Crystal Skull weighing 440 grams. You will receive the exact item depicted in the photographs!

If you have any questions at all please send us a message and we will be happy to answer!

Thanks so much, and Namaste 🙏🤍✨💎

- Gaia's Gifts

We are Two Friends Raising the Collective Vibration of our Planet by Offering Gaia's Gifts of Crystals & Essential Oil Blends, Always Infused with Reiki & LOVE 🙏🤍✨💎

We are both Certified Reiki Practitioners, and we always fill our items with all the GOOD and LOVE that can fit before sending them out to you.

"OUR MISSION is to Raise the Collective Vibration of our Planet. Right now we are doing so by offering the highest quality gifts that Mother Nature (Gaia) provides. We intend to accomplish this Mission in an even more meaningful way as we continue to journey on our individual paths as healers."
- Julia & Colin
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