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We always want to hear what our customers have to say about us, and we want you to know that you can do business with us and expect great things!

Our Trustpilot Page

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In Our Customers' Words...

"Very pleased with the two large crystals I ordered. Every effort was made to ensure that they would arrive in one piece and they did! The smoky quartz and amethyst are spectacular and each comes with a hand-done note card of particulars, which I appreciate. No regrets. Thank you so much!”
— Dominick, purchased a Large Smoky Quartz with Red Epidote and a Large Bahia Elestial Amethyst
"I love my amethyst shapes - they feel and sound great rattling around in my hand and are beautiful sitting on my desk. Thanks for the fast shipping!”
— Cathy, purchased a Set of 5 Tumbled Geometric Amethyst Shapes
“I appreciate the thorough research and informed write-ups of each crystal listed. Happy to bring my curiosity and business to these two entrepreneurs. I really like my small ocean jasper palm stone which I keep in my car and I think it helps bump my awareness up a level. I’m going to try the spray essences next. Questions are always responded to promptly. First rate! I’ll be back.”
— Tricia, purchased Bahia Jasper Palmstones, an Amazonite Point and a Sun Ritual and Moon Ritual Shaker Spray Set
“I highly recommend! I ordered the chakra shaker spray set as well as a gorgeous lepidolite necklace. In addition to everything being beautiful and having great energy I was blown away by the detail, information and love in the packaging. The info sheets for each shaker contain all kinds of fun facts, self care recommendations and affirmations. Truly a gift!”
— Ali, purchased a Set of Seven Chakra Shakers and a Lepidolite Pendant
“I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of your products and the thoughtfulness of your packaging and delivery. The Smoky Quartz with Epidote is just beautiful and also very powerful for my meditation. I also love my throat chakra shaker spray. This is a very clever idea and the scent is well balanced. But what I did not expect was detailed explanation cards, beautifully presented and some nice little extras. You guys clearly believe in your products and so do I.”
— Laura, purchased a Smoky Quartz with Red Epidote and a Throat Chakra Shaker
“Opening my order from Gaia's Gifts was so exciting. The packaging and little sticker were adorable. I received a few gemstones and they were all beautifully wrapped with hand-drawn labels on the wrapping. It was such a gift to unwrap each gem and hold them up to the light for the first time! I also received an affirmation in a bottle with sage - so cute. The two chakra sprays I purchased smell incredible, and they each come with a hand-written guide full of helpful information about each chakra. I am so excited to incorporate these stones and sprays into my practice. Could not recommend Julia and Colin's store enough. Thank you Gaia's Gifts!!!”
— Clay, purchased Third Eye and Throat Chakra Shakers