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DIOPTASE: Sharp + Lustrous Dioptase Crystals from Namibia, AA+ Quality Natural Blue-Green Specimens Charged w/ Reiki + Sustainably Mined

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This listing is for one Natural Dioptase Crystal. Our Dioptase Crystals are categorized according to Carat weight as follows (1 Gram = 5 Carats):

XX-Large Dioptase Crystals weigh between 10 and 11 Carats each.
X-Large Dioptase Crystals weigh between 8 and 9 Carats each.
Large Dioptase Crystals weigh between 7 and 8 Carats each.
Medium Dioptase Crystals weigh between 6 and 7 Carats each.
Small Dioptase Crystals weigh between 5 and 6 Carats each.
X-Small Dioptase Crystals weigh between 4 and 5 Carats each.

Dioptase is a hydrous copper silicate mineral with a hardness of 5. It forms prismatic crystals that are terminated with rhombohedral faces. The color of Dioptase ranges from a forest green to a light bluish green. Dioptase occurs around copper veins that have undergone oxidation as well as in nearby hollow rocks. Dioptase is a powerful mineral ally for nurturing loving compassion and healing emotional pain. It radiates the energy of the pure Green Ray of the heart and serves as an ideal crystal for energetically supporting the heart in every possible way. It enhances the emotional heart by empowering compassion for oneself as well as others. It reinforces the physical heart by promoting feelings of calmness and well-being. It stimulates the spiritual heart by emitting a high-frequency vibrational pattern that resonates with the 'high heart' chakra, situated just above the physical heart. Through these channels, Dioptase stimulates forgiveness and facilitates the healing of past emotional traumas. Our Dioptase crystals exhibit beautiful cubic geometry on their crystal faces; They also have exceptional luster and green color. Our Dioptase Crystals were sustainably mined in the Kunene Region, Namibia, one of the few areas in the world where these gems occur. Sustainable mining means that the mines are re-filled with earth when they’ve been fully harvested, so as not to disrupt the surrounding ecosystem.

Key Words: Forgiveness, Compassion, Release of Karmic patterns, Prosperity
Chakras: Heart (4th)
Element: Water 🌊
Zodiac Signs: ♍️, Scorpio ♏️, Sagittarius ♐️
Locality: Kunene Region, Namibia 🇳🇦

Spiritual: Dioptase is one of the most powerful spiritual teachers in the Mineral Kingdom. It teaches us how to heal our hearts and liberate ourselves from past roles that hinder our ability to reach our full potential. It teaches us of Love and of Love’s greatest act: Forgiveness. Dioptase inspires emotional purity, which allows us to experience our relationships as a chance to recognize the Divine in others. Additionally, it prompts us to take charge of our lives by freeing ourselves from past emotional experiences, old roles and egoic expectations.

Emotional: The emotional energies of Dioptase are closely linked to its spiritual powers. The crystal is exceptionally useful for individuals who frequently ruminate about the past and, as a result, struggle to engage with the present. It helps those who have adopted a victim role to recognize how to empower themselves by releasing the past and embracing personal growth. It also benefits those who continuously adapt to other people’s expectations while afraid to express their own true selves. Dioptase can help anyone feel more joy, peace, and satisfaction in life.

Physical: Dioptase is an especially powerful healer for those who suffer from physical illnesses caused by past emotional traumas from abuse. For instance, it may be beneficial for women who have suffered sexual abuse and have manifested reproductive disease, or those who have endured emotional abuse and have manifested heart disease. The healing energy of Dioptase can be helpful for any physical illness caused by past emotional trauma.

Affirmation: “I forgive and release all the old patterns which have held me back, and I accept with an open heart the many blessings of my life.”

Dioptase Crystals are intuitively chosen at “random” from the selected size category, though you may request a specific preference and we will oblige if it is available! The Crystal you receive will look very similar if not the same to the ones pictured, but may slightly vary in shape due to the fact that they are natural crystals. To avoid discrepancies in color, please note that the color of the photos in the listing is dependent on individual screen and monitor settings. Please also note the weight of each size category, as crystals can often appear larger in photos.

If you have any questions at all please send us a message and we will be happy to answer!

Thanks so much, and Namaste 🙏🤍✨💎

- Gaia's Gifts

We are Two Friends Raising the Collective Vibration of our Planet by Offering Gaia's Gifts of Crystals & Essential Oil Blends, Always Infused with Reiki & LOVE 🙏🤍✨💎

We are both Certified Reiki Practitioners, and we always fill our items with all the GOOD and LOVE that can fit before sending them out to you.

"OUR MISSION is to Raise the Collective Vibration of our Planet. Right now we are doing so by offering the highest quality gifts that Mother Nature (Gaia) provides. We intend to accomplish this Mission in an even more meaningful way as we continue to journey on our individual paths as healers."
- Julia & Colin
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