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Lemurian Seed Crystal Point, 93 Gram Semi Polished Lemurian Quartz Tower Charged with Reiki and Sustainably Mined in Brazil

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Lemurian Seed Crystals are some of the most rare and sought after varieties of Quartz. They were first discovered in a mine in the Diamantina region of Brazil. When they were first discovered, they were found to be laid out side by side in rows, as if they had been seeded for later harvest. Lemurian Seed Crystals continue to be most prevalent in Brazil, with some mines in Colombia, despite their increasing rarity. Lemurian Seed Crystals have been described as feeling like “a balm to the soul laden with love.” We find this description to be quite accurate. They are powerful healers of mind, body, heart and spirit. Even if no healing is required, they just feel good to hold as they are powerful openers of the heart. This Lemurian Seed Crystal weighs 93 grams. This natural beauty is semi-polished; It is clear as water when viewed through most of it’s sides, while one side has a frosty / matte luster. It displays beautiful rainbows 🌈 ✨ when viewed in the sunlight! Our Lemurian Seed Crystals were sustainably mined in Brazil. Sustainable mining means that the mines are re-filled with earth when they’ve been fully harvested, so as not to disrupt the surrounding ecosystem.

Lemurian Quartz is named after the fabled lost civilization of Lemuria. In a tale similar to that of Atlantis, Lemuria is said to have existed in ancient times before Sumer, Mesopotamia or any recorded human history. Lemuria is said to have been located on an island called Mu, somewhere in the South Pacific. The Lemurian people were said to have descended from extradimensionals - light beings that exist beyond the physical dimensions and reside in star systems light-years away. These Lemurian people were an highly evolved human race, and we’re very spiritually and technologically knowledgeable and advanced. According to the story, Lemurian people began to become less and less spiritual, eventually descending into materialism and warring against each other, forgetting their essential unity collective. The Island of Mu was eventually demised by a tidal wave or tsunami, sinking it into the sea.

Still, some Lemurian people survived. These survivors were determined to leave behind a permanent record of the advanced spiritual and technological knowledge that they had gained over millennia. To create these records of knowledge, the Lemurian people programmed their knowledge and information into quartz crystals in the form of energy data.

What resulted were the Lemurian Seed Crystals. These crystals were left around the world, eventually to be found by us, and are now used to understand and decode the energetically programmed knowledge that they contain. Lemurian Seed Crystals are characterized by the horizontal growth lines etched upon their sides.

Lemurian Seed Crystals have a delicious, lovely, spiritual and feminine, or yin quality of energy. They help maintain a balanced, nurturing, loving, spiritual and sensuous consciousness that’s been long lost to the majority of humanity. When one holds a Lemurian Seed Crystal, it is almost impossible not to feel this energetic consciousness. We are naturally drawn to it because it gives us a tiny glimpse of enlightenment. Sometimes that glimpse is all we need to begin to wake up.

This listing is for one Lemurian Seed Crystal Point. You will receive the exact item depicted in the photos and video. This Lemurian Seed Crystal weighs 93 grams. The crystal is clear as water when viewed through most of it’s sides, while one side has a frosty / matte luster. It displays beautiful rainbows inside when viewed in the sunlight!

To avoid discrepancies in color, please note that the color of the photos in the listing is dependent on individual screen and monitor settings. Please also note the weight, as crystals can often appear larger in photos.

If you have any questions at all please send us a message and we will be happy to answer!

Thanks so much, and Namaste 🙏🤍✨💎

- Gaia’s Gifts

We are Two Friends Raising the Collective Vibration of our Planet by Offering Gaia’s Gifts of Crystals & Essential Oil Blends, Always Infused with Reiki & LOVE 🙏🤍✨💎

We are both Certified Reiki Practitioners, and we always fill our items with all the GOOD and LOVE that can fit before sending them out to you.

“OUR MISSION is to Raise the Collective Vibration of our Planet. Right now we are doing so by offering the highest quality gifts that Mother Nature (Gaia) provides. We intend to accomplish this Mission in an even more meaningful way as we continue to journey on our individual paths as healers.”
- Julia & Colin
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