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Two Friends Changing the World, One Crystal at a Time...

We are two Healers on a Mission of Raising the Collective Vibration of our Planet. We are both Certified Reiki Master Practitioners; Julia is an Usui Reiki Master and Colin is a Kundalini Reiki Master. We make sure to charge every item we send out full of Reiki Energy, from Crystals to Palo Santo Sticks! 🤲✨

With your order you can expect exceptional care in packaging, shipping and customer service, as well as informational cards with details about every item ordered, and a personalized gift or two! ☺️🤍

We are committed to saving the planet, and pledge to donate 1% of our proceeds to Community Carbon Trees, a Global Reforestation Initiative!

We ship our products using minimal plastic. The bubble wrap that we do use (when necessary) is always recycled!

We always offer FREE Shipping on orders of $35+ ☺️

Thanks so much for visiting! With Blessings, Gratitude, Love & Light,

Julia & Colin
Gaia’s Gifts
📸 @gaiasgiftsonline

Introducing Ourselves!